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Benjamin Boekweg: Presenter and Mentor

Heralds of Life is dedicated to teaching and training people how to unlock the part of their brain that causes them to succeed in life.  Our minds are incredibly powerful and we are not taught how to use them, other than stuffing them full of facts and figures.  Earl Nightingale called this apparent oversight in our education the “Strangest Secret” – Strange that this is still somehow a secret!

As your mentor, I am ready to teach you the tools necessary to get out of the rut, get un-stuck, or get through the wall you keep hitting. We all have obstacles; let me show you how to overcome yours. The tools I teach you are easy to do, and you can teach them to others! You can learn what I am learning. You can do what I am doing. You will have the tools and techniques you need to continue moving forward and upward toward your wants and wishes. Choose in and let’s unleash your potential!

Photo by Kumiko SHIMIZU on Unsplash