UYG 015 : What Else Could be True

Summary: I got a call from the doctor…now I get to practice what I preach! Benjamin recounts how an evening with alarming news started down the road of pessimism and resentment, and just what he did to take control of his thoughts and emotions.


In this episode:

  • A Surprise call from the Doctor
  • The story my brain made up
  • Past issues and emotions that came up
  • The design that defaults negative
  • The battle of body vs spirit
  • Finding the opportunity in problems
  • How the brain pioratized memories
  • The “interrupt” question
  • How to change the emotion surrounding a memory
  • Why some people are always negative or always positive
  • What silver lining I discovered
  • The positive in the problem
  • What else could I change as a result?
  • How to find the positive
    1- Ask yourslef “What else could be true?”
    2- Find the “silver lining”
    3- Attach new, positive emotions

“What else could be true?” – Ann Washburn

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