UYG 014 : The Problem isn’t the Problem

Summary: The problem isn’t the problem. We all think problems are a sign that something is wrong with us or with what we are trying to do. The answer is actually quite surprising. Benjamin dives into our perspective on what a problem really is and why some people get paralyzed by problems while others seem to thrive despite having them.

Steve Jobs speech –

In this episode:

  • I discovered a problem
  • What we all think a problem is
  • Our perception of successful people and problems
  • The staircase of life
  • What problems really are for
  • Steve Jobs
  • The Law of the Highway
  • Reason’s to look back
    1- Gratitude for how far you come
    2- Service – help others get where you are
  • Reason’s to look forward
    1- See your end destination (your goal, where you want to be)
    2- Notice where you are currently, so that the steps in between become clear

“The problem is not the problem; thinking the problem is the problem is the problem.” – Kirk Duncan

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