UYG 018 : 6 Steps to Turn Desires into Gold

Summary: What if I were to tell you that thoughts are things that can literally, when properly utilized, transform into gold? In this episode, Benjamin shares the story of Napoleon Hill and his famous book, Think and Grow Rich, along with the 6 Steps to turn Desires into Gold.

“No one was created to be mediocre.” – Benjamin Boekweg

Think and Grow Rich –


In this episode:

  • The definition of Impossible
  • Napoleon Hill
  • Burning Desire
  • Success conscious vs failure conscious
  • Our Greatest weakness
  • Our second greatest weakness
  • 6 Steps
    1-Exact Amount
    2-What to exchange for it
    3-Definite date
    4-Definite plan
    5-Write the statement
    6-Read aloud twice each day
  • Story of Blair
  • Auto-sugestion
  • Poem of thought

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