UYG 004 : Why Self Improvement is hard to keep going

Summary: Why is it so hard to create a good habit? What has science discovered to help us in understanding how to create the good habits and break the bad ones? Join your host Benjamin Boekweg as he explains the how the subconscious mind creates and uses habits.

Arnold Schwartzenegger –

In this episode:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger story
  • The Naysayers
  • Scientific discoveries in the subconscious
  • Reticular Activating System
  • 3 Major jobs of your Filter
    1- Regulates wakefulness
    2- Protect internal programing
    3- Filters information
  • How to get new programing past your filter
  • Your filter’s criteria
    1- Frequency
    2- Intensity
    3- Emotion

“What is perceived to be your greatest hindrance, is actually your greatest asset.” — Benjamin Boekweg

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