UYG 002 : Declarations: “I tried that and it didn’t work”

Summary: Welcome to the the first episode of Unlock Your Genius, where personal development is made simple and understandable. Benjamin Boekweg is a Presenter, Mentor, Author and Host of this Podcast who will take you on a journey of discovery about your remarkable mind; how your brain works and how you can better work your mind to improve your life.

The Karate Kid – Learning all along –
Cars 3 – I am Speed –
Muhammad Ali –
Neuroplasticity –

In this episode:

  • Definition of declarations
  • What will stop you
  • Pro-tips to make declarations more effective
  1. Make it fun
  2. Use Enthusiasm
  3. If it feels fake – good! Your subconscious is listening to you

“…or was I just assuming I was doing as instructed?”

–Benjamin Boekweg

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