UYG 003 : What is Visualization?

Summary: So what is Visualization? From great achievers comes the prospect of visualizing or imagining what you want and having that become a reality. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Jim Carry, to Kirk Duncan, to Will Smith, and the list goes on – all have talked about having a vision of a goal that motivates you. Benjamin explores this vast ocean of thought and tackles the big question, “If it’s so powerful, why isn’t everyone doing it already?”

In this episode:

  • Nucleus of a cell
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Story
    • I said “Ray Park”, but it’s “Reg Park” who influenced Arnold
  • Definition of Visualization
  • Examples of Visualization
  • People who visualize
  • Reason’s we don’t visualize
  1. Get something to represent what you want
  2. Put where you will see it daily
  3. Imagine and pretend
  4. Work towards getting it

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