UYG 008 : Change and Transition

Summary: How do you handle change and transition? How can you get over a major or minor change in your life. Benjamin dives into the psychology of what we hold on to, why we hold onto it, and what steps you can take to successfully move through any change in your life.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
Turn Turn Turn by The Byrds –

In this episode:

  • Seasons
  • The Rams of what we do and donnot see
  • Cycles
  • Many things have cycles
    1- Earth
    2- Solar System
    3- Clocks
    4- Day and night
    5- Gardening
    6- Raising children
    7- Life and death
    8- Dating and Marriage
  • Flow cycles
    1- Blood
    2- Oxygen
    3- Sleep and the brain
    4- Sleep cycles
  • Biblical example of life’s seasons
  • What we see vs what we donnot see
  • Being the “Curator” or our life’s events
  • Adding value to your past
  • The need to SEE what is next
  • The stories we make
  • Steps
    1- Thank your past and list what you have learned
    2- Create a new story about the change
    3- Get more sleep

“You are the curator – you have the power to add value to your past.” — Benjamin Boekweg

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