UYG 007 : How to Let Go of Negative Emotion

Summary: How does one control their emotions? How is it possible to do that? In this episode, Benjamin goes into detail on the necessity of being responsible with how we unload our negative emotions and provides 6 cool ideas to unload in a healthy and responsible manner.

Let-Go Technique – Rock Throw –

In this episode:

  • The trouble with emotions
  • Your Emotion Cup
  • Emotional eruption
    1- Explosion
    2- Implosion
  • Responsible emotion dumping
  • The word: technique
  • Let-Go techniques
    1- Walk and Talk
    2- Write and Burn
    3- Named Rock Throw
    4- Breaking glass/ceramic
    5- Singing
    6- Sleep
  • The consequences of irresponsible emotional dumping
  • What we are taught about crying
  • What we are doing to our children
  • Crying is healing
  • Sleep deprivation and emotions

“I was never told what TO do, only what NOT to do.” — Benjamin Boekweg

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