UYG 005 : Vision Boards

Summary: What is a Vision Board, how do you make one, and why do I need it? Benjamin Boekweg explains in detail what a vision board is and why it helps the brain focus, what the complication are, and what can stop you.

Arnold Schwartzenegger –
Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People –
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In this episode:

  • Reg Park error correction
  • Vision Board basics
  • What will stop you
  • Symptoms of lack of vision
    1- Indecisive
    2- Minds wander
    3- All or nothing thinking
    4- Difficulties
  • The Mind functions at a 3-year-old level
  • The need for a system
  • The New Year’s phenomenon
  • Why a visual representation?
  • Building a Vision Board
    1- Get a frame
    2- Put a picture on it with a description of your goal
    3- Spend at least 2-3 minutes daily looking at it and imagining it
  • DO NOT
    1- Neglect Vision Board
    2- Put too many pictures/goals on your Vision Board
    3- Just give your Vision Board a quick glance
  • DO
    1- Study about your goal – immerse yourself
    2- Put the picture with the description
    3- Spend 2-3 minutes daily (minimum) looking at/imagining your goal/picture

“My brain is still doing the same things that my three-year-old daughter does!” — Benjamin Boekweg

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